Relax into the ease of healthy skin
and beauty enhancements.
Reveal a fresh and awakened you.
Now is your time to shine.

Onyx Beauty Lab
ONYX Beauty Lab | ONYX Beauty Lab

Take charge of your skin and all of life’s potential

Feel good in your skin and show it off to the world. Our advanced injectables, products, and medical aesthetics techniques give you the best results so you can shine brightly and be your best.

onyx beauty lab
ONYX Beauty Lab | ONYX Beauty Lab

A team
you can trust

Onyx Beauty Lab’s team of leading experts and educators support your beauty every step of the way and ensure you have the education you need to make informed decisions and conscious choices.

onyx beauty lab
ONYX Beauty Lab | ONYX Beauty Lab

Step in to a
rejuvenated you

Onyx Beauty Lab was designed for you. Step into our space and feel the calm serenity of natural elements and warm smiles. We are honoured to invite you in and make you feel naturally beautiful and proudly you.