Skin health and beauty starts with proper care and attention. That’s why we created a space that invites you in and makes you feel at home.

You deserve quality care, services, and products for innovative, subtle, and holistic beauty enhancements without compromising relaxation and comfort.

ONYX Beauty Lab | About
ONYX Beauty Lab | About

Your best
is our success

Onyx Beauty Lab knows how important it is to feel good about yourself and how you show up in the world. We believe in taking care of ourselves and each other and being equipped with accurate information and helpful advice to give you proper and impactful beauty care. Our approach is thorough and advanced. We take a holistic and natural approach to your beauty enhancement through consultation, assessment, observation, and collaboration. We want you to feel safe in our care and confident you’ve chosen the right partner for your beauty enhancement.

ONYX Beauty Lab | About

to your care

Go beyond beauty and get the most from your experience. We are dedicated to our promise of providing you with value and expertise in a space you feel welcome, supported, and part of a community.

You can always count on our commitment to your overall beauty wellbeing and know our approach is guided by our promise to the following:

ONYX Beauty Lab | About

Our approach considers the bigger picture. We develop long-term, custom care plans and packages for optimal results.

We are medical aesthetics experts and leading the field in training and education. We ensure patients are given clear information and advanced, safe care.

We solve varying degrees of complex beauty cases and focus on best practices, products, outcomes, and solutions.

We create a collaborative and inclusive environment, where all are welcome and invited to participate in their beauty care and join a thriving and supportive community.

ONYX Beauty Lab | About
ONYX Beauty Lab | About